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The Benefits of Business Ethics

1. The statements below are all valid definitions of ethics. Which do you believe is the most accurate definition?

Ethics is:
2. Overall, do you believe that your company or organization displays good ethics?
3. Rate your agreement with the following statement: The leaders at my company set a good example of ethical practices.
Space Cell Completely disagreeDisagreeSomewhat disagreeNeither agree nor disagreeSomewhat agreeAgreeCompletely agree
4. How do you believe that your ethics compare to those around you? Are your ethics better or worse than your...
Space Cell Significantly WorseWorseSomewhat WorseAbout the SameSomewhat BetterBetterSignificantly Better
current boss
prior boss
current colleagues
prior colleagues
current company or organizational leaders
prior company or organizational leaders
5. Please rate your organization on a scale of 1 (extremely poor) to 100 (extremely good) in the following areas. If you're unsure, answer to the best of your ability.
Extremely Poor
Extremely Good
Training on ethical practices.
Recognition for practicing good ethics.
Correcting employees who practice poor ethics.